Joyful Return For Six-Year-Old Boko Haram Victim After Surgery - Rave 91.7 FM
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Joyful Return For Six-Year-Old Boko Haram Victim After Surgery

Joyful Return For Six-Year-Old Boko Haram Victim After Surgery

A victim of the Boko Haram Insurgency, six-year-old Ali Ahmadu who was confined to a wheelchair in the last three years, has returned to Nigeria from Dubai after undergoing a corrective surgery.

Ali who is from Chibok Local Government Area in Borno state suffered excruciating pain and a horrific spinal cord injury when attempting to escape from the terrorists with his mother in 2014.

Ali being conveyed in a wheel-chair

He was brought immobilised and fast deteriorating physically and mentally from that period till the first quarter of 2017 when an NGO, Global Initiative for Peace, Love and Care, contacted him.

Thereafter, the young Ali was flown to the United Arab Emirates on September 10, 2017.

After about six hours of extremely delicate surgery and a week in intensive care, followed by a month in recovery, he was able to walk again, unaided.

Ali undergoing treatment in Dubai

Speaking to journalists at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, his aunt, Hassanatu Ahmadu explained the circumstances that led to the unfortunate incident.

Joyful Ali after surgery

She was, however, full of joy that her nephew could walk again.

Ali with aunt.

Ali, on the other hand, was seen walking about very cheerfully as he returned in a much healthier state.

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