APC aspirants ‘ve flooded our beer parlours with cash, Fayose cries out - Rave 91.7 FM
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APC aspirants ‘ve flooded our beer parlours with cash, Fayose cries out

APC aspirants ‘ve flooded our beer parlours with cash, Fayose cries out

ADO-EKITI — Governor Ayodele Fayose has blasted the APC over what he alleged as the way, and manner aspirants in the party have monetised the party primaries saying that it is a strong indictment of the party’s claim to fighting corruption. The governor, who expressed the fear that the alleged movement cash might be used to influence the governorship election slated for July 14 in the state, said that APC funds are now being celebrated in beer parlours all around the state as he cautioned voters not to mortgage their future with filthy lucre. Speaking with newsmen in Ado Ekiti yesterday, Fayose wondered where the aspirants were getting their money from, saying that a particular aspirant allegedly gave each delegate N250,000 with a promise to offer them N1 million each on the day of the party primary. He urged the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) and other relevant agencies to beam their searchlight into the alleged monetization of the electoral processes in the state. “The whole of this weekend, they are busy spending money as if we were in general election. And if truly we are fighting corruption, the way money is being moved around Ekiti; this can compromise this governorship election, even the 2019 election. “If an aspirant is giving N1million, come and imagine what 32 aspirants will give. If a delegate is giving N1million, if he is targeting 1500 delegates, then he is going to spend N1.5 billion on the election. Where is this money coming from? This clearly shows that no corruption is being fought. “Every beer parlour in the state, they now celebrate the money of APC.  The electorates must not mortgage their future. They must not have their future cut short by this money politics, and this is certainly not in the interest of democracy. “And coming from acclaimed defenders of democracy and one fighting corruption, this is high-level desperation. If they get to power, they will recoup the money from the government coffers. They will rape the state,” he said.

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