Taraba market killings: Yandang community seeks justice for victims - Rave 91.7 FM
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Taraba market killings: Yandang community seeks justice for victims

Taraba market killings: Yandang community seeks justice for victims

Justin Tyopuusu,  Jalingo

The Yandang Community in Taraba State on Wednesday condemned the brutal killing of their people in Iware cattle market and called on security agencies to fish out the perpetrators of the wicked act.

The leader of the Yandang ethnic group, Dr. Alfred Kobbiba, made the position of his people known while briefing journalists in Jalingo.

Kobbiba who is also the Special Adviser to Governor Darius Ishaku on Sustainable Development Goals also said the killing of six of their people has brought the total number of those killed in the Lau crisis to 62.

“The brutal killing of six people at Iware cattle market is most unfortunate and we are saddened as a people over this incident. We demand justice for them and security agencies must rise up to ensure justice in this case.

“All the six people killed yesterday (Tuesday) in the Iware cattle market are well known to me and I can attest to their good character. The cows they brought to the market for sale were their personal cows. Our people are in the business of cattle rearing too contrary to the claims of the attackers.

“Five of those killed are Yandang people from Mayo Lope while one is from a neighbouring village. We strongly suspect that the killing is an escalation of the crisis in Lau,” he said.

He alleged that the herders who sacked several communities in Lau local Government now graze freely on people’s crops and called on the federal and state governments to address the crisis which has now posed a serious danger for food security next year.

Kobbiba lamented the action of those spreading the fake news on the social media and warned that those perpetrating the killings would be made to account for their actions by God.

The Yandang leader noted that many of those injured in the market attack were receiving treatment at the Federal Medical Centre in Jalingo.

Armed Fulani men on Tuesday trailed and killed six people from Mayo Lope area of Lau Local Government at a cattle market in Iware near Jalingo.


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