As Labour Party Denies Being Part Of PDP Coalition - Rave 91.7 FM
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As Labour Party Denies Being Part Of PDP Coalition

As Labour Party Denies Being Part Of PDP Coalition

The People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) Grand Alliance which for several days now, has been the major subject on the front burner of the Nigerian political discourse, generated so much controversy and uproar when it bragged about having over 30 political parties as partners in its coalition. The opposition party recently reeled out the names of some political parties which it claimed have assented to its request for partnership in an alliance it hopes would challenge the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), and give it a good run for its money come 2019. The political parties rumoured to have joined in the alliance include the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the New PDP (nPDP) faction of the APC, the Reformed APC (R-APC) faction of the APC, the Labour Party (LP) and some 20-something other political parties. It is no longer news that some of the political parties rumoured to have joined  the heterogeneous alliance, have denied consenting to the coalition; but the Labour Party, in its characteristic ‘no-nonsense’ style, has come out first to publicly dissociate itself from the coalition which it described as “a clandestine gathering and an unholy alliance of strange bed fellows.” The national chairman of the party, Dr. Mike Omotosho, did not mince words in dissociating his party from the unsolicited union, stating unequivocally that mischief makers are at their game again to bring the party to disrepute. Dr. Omotosho reiterated that his party is fundamentally a political movement and not just a political party – a political movement in the sense that it is guided by very strict principles and ideals that cannot be compromised. He emphasized that the Labour Party is a people-driven organization that was established to fight for the rights and interests of the people, rather than those of the political class. He went on to clarify the grounds upon which the Labour Party was purportedly dragged into the coalition, which he said was an idea and contraption of the mischievous former national chairman of the party, Alh. Abdulkadir Abdulsalam, who has been masquerading as the party’s chairman, and deceiving people into doing all sorts of political business with him. Dr. Omotosho was quick to emphasize that the former chairman was removed from office during a special National Convention held on the 3rd of October, 2017, and should therefore not be considered as having any authorization to enter into any negotiations on behalf of the party. “We wish to unequivocally state that the Labour Party is not part of any coalition. The leadership of the party has not been consulted, neither has there been any formal meeting or agreement between our party and any other political party in Nigeria, in this respect,” stated Omotosho, while debunking all claims that his party has joined the coalition of political parties. Dr. Omotosho has studied and taken a cue from the entropy that engulfed the APC when its constituent parties began to biker and have squabbles over vested interests, and concluded that it would not be in the interest of his party to join such a  coalition. Dr. Omotosho is one Labour Party national chairman that has accentuated the Labour Party’s ideals so vociferously that people have now become very familiar with the party’s modus operandi. In the past, it was not too known to the public what the Labour Party was established for. It was often thought that the Labour Party was just like the other political parties which are driven by political and vested interests. Dr. Omotosho’s impact on the party can be seen in the way and manner its new crop of members conduct their political businesses and uphold the party’s standards. The new Labour Party has declared its intention to churn out worthy politicians who will lead in different capacities to consolidate the dividends of democracy in Nigeria, and restore the lost glory of this great country. Dr. Omotosho was nevertheless, quick to declare that his party is not averse to wholesome political alliance and partnership, and promised that his party will join forces with any group or groups that share similar ideals and beliefs with the Labour Party, and that is driven by the passion to see a new and better Nigeria evolve.


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