2019 Will Be A Defining Moment For Nigerians – Moghalu - Rave 91.7 FM
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2019 Will Be A Defining Moment For Nigerians – Moghalu

2019 Will Be A Defining Moment For Nigerians – Moghalu

Professor Kingsley Moghalu, the presidential aspirant under the Young Progressive Party (YPP), has claimed that he has no interest in being a politician but a leader, stating that there should be no retreat nor surrender in the quest to take back the nation from “old and recycled politicians who have no soul.” The candidate made the statement during the To Build a Nation (TBAN) Townhall meeting at the National Centre for Women Development in Garki, Abuja on 17 July, 2018. Speaking at the event, the former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria also said that 2019 will be a defining moment in the nation’s history, as Nigerians will have to “make a choice between poverty and prosperity; between stability and lack of cohesion; between security and insecurity”. He emphasised that Nigerians must be prepared to send the old politicians into retirement in the 2019 elections by voting the right way, the leadership way, stating that the instrument the people must get to make that choice is their Permanent Voters Card (PVC). Decrying the absence of leaders with a worldview, Professor Moghalu said, “We will rebuild this country into a nation. We will set out a national ambition, a world view for this country and we will no longer continue to worship the God of small things such as oil and tribalism.” The presidential aspirant also stated his intention to run an innovation-led and development-driven country, while also growing the economy and creating jobs for people by launching a 1 trillion naira venture capital fund to invest in new businesses for young entrepreneurs. Upon being elected as President, Professor Moghalu explained that the federal government would also set up a skills acquisition Centre in all the 774 local government areas in the country so that citizens can acquire the skills necessary to prosper. He also mentioned his plans to increase budget allocation for education from the current 7 percent to 20 percent and healthcare allocation from 3 percent to 15 percent. Attendees then got the chance to engage the aspirant in a question and answer session which saw his supporters get involved further. The town hall concluded with the inauguration of the Abuja arm of the “Kinsley Moghalu Support Organisation” (KIMSO). The support organisation has been taking shape across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory down to ward level. The KIMSO is expected to grow rapidly as the 2019 general elections draws nearer.

Credits: www.leadership.ng

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