APC DELTA: Now that the storm is over - Rave 91.7 FM
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APC DELTA: Now that the storm is over

APC DELTA: Now that the storm is over

THE swearing in of Prophet Jones Erue as new chairman of APC in Delta State has brought with it the much-needed stability longed for and has proved to be the first step in our march forward. In his short time as chairman, he has succeeded in uniting the party and restoring peace amongst warring brethren. Gone are the divisions. There is peace in the APC, Delta State. The timeous restoration of peace and unity within the party was far and above the most important assignment that needed to be dealt with as the lack of peace within the party had threatened to throw the party into disarray and confusion. Thus, so credit must go to the chairman for pointing correctly at the problem and tackling it headlong. It was important for the party to create an atmosphere for meaningful progress to be achieved. However, the peace we now enjoy in the Delta chapter of APC took the sacrifice and compromise of numerous stakeholders with diverse interests. These men have put the interest of Delta State above their personal interest. By suspending their personal ambitions in favour of the party, they have kick-started an era of progress for the people of Delta State. In the midst of the many challenges that beleaguered our party, these men served as beacons, and that showed us the way. At a time loyalty has become rare, these men are sterling examples of loyalty and the abiding principles of our party. We must commend men like Olorogun O’tega Emerhor who has been at the forefront as a leader of APC in Delta State since 2015. It was his steadfast and unwavering belief in the party that attracted other progressives. Under his steady leadership, the party achieved new political heights. He has brought his vast experience into the fold, and the party is better for it. Chief Great Ogboru has been the very symbol of opposition in Delta state. He bears the brunt of all electoral malpractices perpetrated against the people of Delta State by the PDP. But yet he stands tall and well respected amongst his people. He epitomizes the people’s desire for proper governance, and soon, his efforts will be crowned.

Credits: ww.vanguardngr.com

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