Ortom to Akume: Show your 11-yr scorecard - Rave 91.7 FM
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Ortom to Akume: Show your 11-yr scorecard

Ortom to Akume: Show your 11-yr scorecard

GOVERNOR Samuel Ortom of Plateau State has challenged his estranged political benefactor, and Benue State leader of All Progressives Congress, APC, Senator George Akume, to show his constituents and the people of the state his achievements in the Senate in the last 11 years, instead of castigating his administration since he dumped APC. The reaction of Governor Ortom, who spoke through his Adviser on Media and ICT, Tahav Agerzua, in Makurdi, came on the heels of alleged comments by Senator Akume that he picked Ortom from the gutter. Ortom said: “There are some politicians in the state that believe that unless they make you governor, you cannot be governor. This is historically incorrect. “When these people were not on the scene, Aper Aku and Father Adasu became governors of the state. So it is not true for some people to believe that without them no one can be governor. “More so, I like a media report from a constituent in Benue North-West who said ‘our senator, come and tell us your score card. We gave you our mandate; tell us how many bills you have sponsored.” For close to12 years you have been in the Senate, tell us how many motions, tell us how many constituency projects you have executed rather than jumping about passing judgment on others’.”

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