Femi Olanipekun - Rave 91.7 FM
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Femi Olanipekun

Femi Olanipekun

Femi Olanipekun
FRANKTALK is an hour long audience participatory interview programme that focuses on issues across the socio-economic and political spectrum at state, national and international levels. With a tough and hard interviewing style inspired by Stephen Sackur´s HARDTALK on the BBC, FRANKTALK serves as a platform to dissect policies and issues by engaging socio – political leaders as well as other critical stakeholders and actors for the people to have a better understanding of these developments.

In the last two years, FRANKTALK has hosted eminent personalities and policy makers including Ministers, Senators, members of the House of Representatives, Presidential Spokesmen, Special Advisers, elder statesmen, commissioners, activists, top economists, lawyers, Public Affairs Officer of the United States Consulate, British Deputy High Commissioner, professors, policy analysts and much more. The conversations are geared towards engendering good governance, probity and accountability by bringing government and governance closer to the people. The programme holds 9-10 every week day. The programme which drives heavy traffic of listeners on both terrestrial and social media platforms, is our flagship. It has won many awards.

FRANKTALK is anchored by Femi Olanipekun who is the Head of Station at Rave 91.7 FM Osogbo.


Twitter: @FMOlanipekun

Email: femi.olanipekun@gmail.com

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