Labour Strike: Asaba Traders Observe “Sit at home” Order - Rave 91.7 FM
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Labour Strike: Asaba Traders Observe “Sit at home” Order

Labour Strike: Asaba Traders Observe “Sit at home” Order

Motorists hike fare, business activities paralyzed Traders at various markets in Asaba Delta State, on Thursday observed the sit at home order by the Labour Unionists as sales’ activities were completely paralyzed. At the popular Ogbeogonogo Market which used to be beehive of sales’ activities was seen desolated as the only few traders on hand could not display their food items for fear of being attack by the Labour Unionists who had allegedly warned that any trader found in the market may be sanctioned. Also at the Abraka Market in Asaba, only few Hausa’s traders were seen selling their products while other traders who used to display their food items have deserted their shops and under umbrella(s). The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Delta State Council had on Wednesday asked its workers, to join the nationwide strike in compliance with the directive of the national leadership of the NLC to press home the lingering issue of minimum wage review. In a press release issued and signed by the Secretary of Delta State NLC, Comrade Innocent Ofuonyeadi, a copy made available to our correspondent, urged all affiliate unions of the NLC in the State to strictly comply with the national directive of the Congress to commence a seven day State Wide Warning Strike with effect from Thursday September 27, 2018. According to the statement, to ensure full compliance of affiliate unions, committees were set up for effective monitoring, and they decided to join the labour strike, the strike of the traders will also add value to the strike action of press home problems for Buhari because he had made things difficult for Nigerians, he should do something and save the country from the mess” though there was movements of persons, but the usual bubbling of businessmen and women was seen disappeared apart from food is ready centres where activities at a slow pace picked. Hausas’ traders at Abraka Main Market is doing their businesses unhindered as Igbo Traders in the strike action opportunity swoop on drinking sports to have their field day. Transport fare suddenly jumped as tricycle riders who used to carry a N50.00 to N100.00 petrol stations within Asaba and its environs were not left out in the strike action as most of the petrol stations refused to sell for their customers even though they opened. The few petrol stations selling, investigation revealed, were involved in bribe takings before the attendants are moved to sell same as road side traders who claimed that they too join the strike to press home the hardship. President Buhari allegedly meted out on them.


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