Can endorsement of Buhari, Atiku influence your vote? (1) - Rave 91.7 FM
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Can endorsement of Buhari, Atiku influence your vote? (1)

Can endorsement of Buhari, Atiku influence your vote? (1)

As far as I am concerned, these endorsements are fraudulent. They are politically motivated. This will not influence me to vote for any of them if I am not pleased with their manifesto. Finally, the outcome of the election will depend on voters and not endorsements. President Muhammadu Buhari and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar US to counter China, Russia influence in Africa – Bolton Miss Oluwaremilekun Ojo Teacher Endorsements of President Buhari and Atiku by different stakeholders cannot influence my vote.I already know the person I will vote for and this is based on the candidate’s manifesto.  I am personally tired of recycling the older generation.  Anybody can endorse whosoever they like but that will have nothing to do with my personal opinion. Mr. Julius Adegunna, Writer As an informed, exposed, educated and a free Nigerian, I am competent to choose a leader I deserve. Most of these so-called leaders have no followers. The time has gone when some people without influence   decide for Nigerians. To a very large extent, many of our politicians have disappointed us. We must be able to take responsibility for our choice, good or bad, both at individual and group levels. I will vote for a leader I can trust. Mr. Lawal Afeez Lekan Activist I am not surprised at the recent endorsements of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar by the Afenifere, and Ohaneze, Middle Belt . There is hunger in the land and all we need to do is get Nigeria working again. Without doubt, I know who I will vote for. Mrs. Odebode Esther, School  Proprietress We are all entitled to choose whomsoever we desire to vote for, nobody can influence or cajole me. Gone are the days when  religious or traditional leaders, and  pressure group will urge us to vote for a candidate of a particular party.  I am going to vote based on what the candidate has to offer, which must be a realistic plan and not promise and fail that we are currently facing. Mr. Oghenekevwe Victor Fashion designer I am not even sure that I will participate in the voting exercise because I am not sure there will be adequate security during the election. Moreover,  if the atmosphere on  election day is fair enough, I will vote for the candidate of my choice and not based  on endorsement by  any stakeholder.


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